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Flatbed Freight Carrier

We specialize in flatbed freight. We currently use a standard 48'x102" flatbed trailer. We have a payload capacity of approximately 48,000 pounds. We can haul loads that are 48' long and up to 8' tall. We are equipped with multiple types of load securement devices and a few different types and sizes of tarps to cover loads.

Nationwide Authority

We are based out of eastern Idaho and typically stay in the western states, but we have nationwide authority and can get your load just about anywhere you need it to go.

Reliable & Insured

Our equipment is all newer equipment that is reliable and we keep it all well maintained. When you ship your freight with us you have the assurance that we can get it there on time. We also take great care to secure our loads and pay attention to detail when it comes to protecting the freight we haul, but just in case we also have cargo insurance. 

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